Saumitro Dasgupta

I work on Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Robotics, Machine Learning …

As of 2019, I work on the Computer Vision and Machine Learning team at Apple.

Previously, I worked on autonomous drones and indie apps.

Elsewhere: GitHub  ·  Grad School

01. Demos

Cubrick · 2020

Anamorphic images using cubic tessellation.

Projektiv · 2014

Camera model visualization for a Stanford lecture.

Methuselah · 2013

A generative tree rendered using HTML5 canvas.

Perliner · 2012

Patterns generated by particles in a Perlin noise field.

Dendritic · 2012

Procedurally generated branching structures.

Myelin · 2010

A brain-controlled robot I built for my senior year project.

02. Software

Alchemy · 2019

A collection of deep learning models built using Merlin.

Merlin · 2019

A deep learning toolkit using TensorFlow 2.

Oxen · 2018

Python-based job runner with a web-based frontend.

Lycon · 2017

A minimal and fast image library for Python and C++.

Caffe ⤑ TensorFlow · 2015

A Caffe to TensorFlow model converter (written right after TensorFlow was released, so not particularly idiomatic). Largely obsolete at this point.

WarpDrive · 2014

A monocular SLAM engine for mobile platforms. Currently restricted to SAIL.

AirScope · 2014

3D visualization app + server for macOS. Primarily used for my Visual SLAM research in grad school.

Netscope · 2014

A visualizer for Caffe neural networks. You no longer use Caffe, do you?

Zef · 2014

Experimental computer vision library in Haskell featuring operation fusion using rewriting rules. Written for CS240H.

Spectrum · 2012

Color palette designer for macOS and iOS.

PyDye · 2012

A python graphics library for OS X, powered by Apple's Quartz graphics layer.

Talos · 2012

A mac app for accessing 1Password keychains.

Entropy · 2010

Archiver for macOS

Blinkenlights · 2010

A GUI for displaying various patterns that elicit neural evoked potentials like SSVEP.

BioAmp · 2010

Reverse engineered drivers for the g.USBAmp EEG amplifier

MindSonde · 2010

EEG Acquisition + Brain-Computer Interface Prototyping App

Sycamore · 2010

A tiny library for controlling iRobot's Roomba